Workplace Leadership


Being effective in the workplace takes more than competence in your discipline. Your success depends on your ability to negotiate the challenges of communication and culture that are present in any work situation. These 2.5 hour sessions will provide you with an awareness of the dynamic interplay of communication, culture, conflict and purpose environment. You will gain tools and strategies to help you build a team with common direction and sense of purpose - and prepare you for the inevitable challenges and conflict ahead as you make decisions in your workplace. This series will help you reflect on your work environment and provide resources to build your skills in areas that will help you be more successful.  

Choose from these topics…or…let us design a custom set of topics to meet your needs!

Team Building
Explore ways to build a team spirit at the worksite.  Learn to recognize and support differences among co-workers as you work together for a common goal.  Discover how team building serves as a worker effectiveness strategy.  Explore the benefits of teams and practice activities related to team building.

Problem Solving & Decision Making
Discover the relationship between problem solving and decision making. Study problem solving styles and learn skills for your work and personal life. Learn to recognize roadblocks and practice individual and group decision making techniques.

Conflict Management
Recognize potential sources of conflict and the contributing factors. Learn to identify participants’ roles in group and individual conflict.  Discover the benefits and costs of conflict in the workplace. Practice the steps of conflict resolution.

Motivation of Self & Others
This course will help to identify what motivates you and others. Recognize the difference between wants and needs. Discover the techniques you can use to become energized and to motivate employees.

Learn the skills for building interdependent relationships. Provides guidelines for communicating effectively with employees (one-on-one and team approach), peers, and management. In addition, skills for feedback and effective task delegation will be discussed. Learn the guidelines for leading effective meetings.

Dealing with Change
This course covers the realities and impact of change, change-management skills, strategies for dealing proactively with organizational change, and paradigm shifts. Skills learned include:  communicating change effectively, brainstorming change ideas, and problem solving.

Coaching & Mentoring
Getting the performance you want out of your employees isn’t as easy as hiring someone. Often the performance you need requires guidance and encouragement.  Coaching and mentoring can be effective tools to get the best out of your employees, and while the words are easy to say, the actions require intentional effort. In this session we’ll work on strategies and tips to empower supervisors to get the best out of their employees.

Client Relations
This program will help you develop a customer service model that enlarges and strengthens client relationships. Using a seven step approach your company can better meet your customer needs, manage moments of truth and handle customer complaints professionally.

Accounting for Non-accountants
This course is designed for employees with a non-accounting background. Participants will be introduced to basic financial statements along with methods of analyzing the financial data.


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