Customized Training


The Center for Business & Industry’s customized services are targeted to meet the specific needs of each client’s organization. Any of our programs can be tailored to address the unique concerns of your organization, or we can develop training specifically for you. The expertise of faculty and staff from South Central College, along with products and services available through partnerships, provide us with a wealth of resources from which to create customized solutions.

If you have an interest in customized education and training, we would like to meet with you. Once we have had the opportunity to learn more about your organization and discover your training goals, we will recommend a training solution aimed at achieving those objectives. Your preferences will determine the length, format, schedule and location of training.
Let CBI become your strategic partner in helping workers, supervisors and managers become more innovative, capable and productive. We can prepare them for advancement and transition in a way that will help your company achieve organizational growth.

Your organization's needs, preferences and resources determine which services we will provide as part of a customized training solution. Custom solutions may include:
  • Training Design and Development
  • Performance Consulting
  • Credit, Non-credit and Continuing Education Instruction
  • Needs Assessment and Evaluation
  • Industry Certifications
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Customized Education and Training
The Center for Business & Industry is a leader in designing, developing and delivering affordable, leading-edge, custom-designed education and training programs to local, national and global employers providing their employees with new skills, knowledge and abilities.
We will help your business become more productive, more innovative and thus more profitable through the investment in education, training and employee development.
Upon identifying your needs and available resources, we will develop a customized solution to provide your employees with the professional skills needed in today’s diverse, fast-paced, global business environment.
The CBI will bring the resources of South Central College by offering:
  • Industry Experience and Credibility
  • Flexible Schedules and Locations
  • Cost Effective and Affordable Solutions
  • Workshops and Seminars
  • Single Event or Comprehensive Training Programs
  • Classroom, On-the-Job or Online Learning
  • Training Facilities and Equipment
  • Program Management
  • Registration and Course Documentation
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Consultation Services
Our consulting services provide organizations the ability to evaluate their customers, employees, processes and systems and identify ways to enhance organizational productivity.
Our consultation services include:
  • Assessments of Your Specific Needs
  • Training Program Design
  • Training Materials Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • On-going Reinforcement
Our highly qualified consultants can help your organization design credible and meaningful solutions that will have a positive impact on the bottom line.
Course Offerings
We offer affordable, focused and timely training programs that provide participants new skills, knowledge and abilities. Whether you choose a course “as is” or blend topics to create a class to meet your exact specifications, we can help strengthen the skills of your workforce.
For groups of employees seeking to attain a degree or to build college credits, we facilitate the entire process from scheduling, admissions, enrollment and completion. Classes can be delivered at your place of business, online or at one of our two convenient campus locations. Our diverse curriculum, flexible scheduling and certification offerings make the Center for Business & Industry your best choice for employee training.
Assessment and Testing Services
The Center for Business & Industry assessment and testing services can benefit both individuals and employees through a variety of different tools. Whether you are an individual looking to credential your skills or an employer seeking pre-employment screening assistance, the Center for Business & Industry has assessment tools and services that can help.
In today’s difficult job market, individuals need to gain a competitive edge over other candidates. Certification testing can offer individuals the opportunity to credential their expertise or identify the skill gaps barring them from employment.
In order to meet the demands of an increasingly competitive global economy, businesses need to hire employees who can achieve job proficiency quickly. Through pre-employment assessments, employers can benefit from making better hiring decisions, reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity and profitability.
We encourage you to take advantage of the valuable services CBI has to offer your organization, including rental of our facilities and use of our resources such as test proctoring. Prices are available upon request. Contact the Center for Business & Industry at 507-389-7203 or 507-331-4290 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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