Workplace Credit


You want your employees to grow, both personally and professionally, because satisfied employees are productive, loyal employees.

The Center for Business & Industry’s flexible, individualized college credit in the workplace program is designed around your company’s needs. We can target the skills your employees need to do their jobs, and help them earn college credit toward popular associate degree programs.

Our team of professionals will work with you to tailor a plan that fits your company’s scope and vision, as well as your employees’ interests. Center for Business & Industry faculty will travel to your company and conduct the classes on-site, so your employees earn college credit conveniently.

Without leaving the office, your employees can work toward college degrees with transferable classes!

Benefits for Students
Studies of college graduates consistently show a positive correlation between education and greater personal satisfaction, more lifetime opportunities, increased civic responsibility and a whole host of intrinsic skills. It’s been demonstrated that educated people are even healthier as a whole, whereby decreasing the burden on our health care system.

A major problem facing employers is a "skills gap" -- the gap that exists between the skills individuals bring to work versus the skill level employers need to perform jobs.

Professional Development
You choose which classes to offer, and therefore build the essential skills your employees need at your company. Your employees will be motivated to put their new skills to work!

College Credit
Employees can earn credit toward college degrees without missing work or sacrificing precious family time.

Personal Growth
A college education not only builds knowledge, it builds character, self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence, teamwork, soft skills and the desire for life-long learning.

Happy, fulfilled employees are productive, creative and loyal employees.


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