Our Approach


Partnering with CBI is like having another group of professionals on your staff: project managers, industry experts, instructors, curriculum developers and more. We develop customized solutions that help maximize productivity, profitability and sustainability in a global marketplace.


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Steps to Your Customized Solution:

1. Needs Analysis: We meet with you and your organization to assess and discuss your entire organization's training and consulting needs, desired results and valued outcomes. We use a variety of methods to assess your organizations needs such as: focus groups, document collection and review, company tours, management/employee interviews and employee skills assessments.

2. Custom Design: Based on your needs analysis, we will custom design your program to deliver what you want, when you want it and where you want the training delivered. 

3. Pre-Program Work: This step is provided to get all your participants prepared. This may include actual pre-work or may be a simple statement outlining what participants should expect.

4. Implementation: When it comes time to implement your program, we will delivery dynamic, interactive, and action oriented training and consulting resources that align with your organizational culture, goals and objectives using proven instructors and professionally developed materials. Training may be delivered at your worksite, in the classroom, via the web or other electronic delivery (e-mail, video, etc.).

5. Post-Program Follow-up: We will help you apply the results of the training driving your individual and organizational learning into application.

6. ROI: Lastly, we will work directly with you to measure your valued outcomes and develop strategies for keeping your valued outcomes. We utilize a variety of evaluation and feedback mechanisms to determine if the programs delivered to our clients met the intended business objectives.

Why use CBI Contract Training?

  • Customized Solutions ... every business faces unique issues and opportunities that require custom-tailored objectives, strategies, tactics, and results.
  • Structured Learning ... using interactive, competency based training taught by subject matter experts who clearly convey the links between training content and job applications.
  • Training Professionals ... whose practical business experience goes far beyond standardized training and facilitating methods to deliver real-world results.
  • Flexible Scheduling ... offered during or after normal business hours at your location or ours.
  • Onsite Computer Training ... delivered at your company site utilizing our Mobile Computer Lab.
  • Customer Satisfaction ... that drives our new and repeat business.
  • Affordability…Quality educational experiences at affordable prices. 
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